Why I was Skeptical About Going to the Spa


However, a few years ago I read this article on Yahoo that totally freaked me out! I guess I’m not your average 27 year old gal, before 2016 I had never been to a nail salon, treated to a “girls spa day,” nor had I ever gotten a sweetish, hot rock, mud, make you skinny with seaweed massage… So when I read this story I thought I would NEVER go into a spa/salon (aside from hair cuts, I can’t do that myself!). So here’s what happened, a 22 year old woman contracted HIV when she had her nails done from the use of shared manicure utensils. She went in for a manicure and came out with HIV/AIDS! How crazy is that?! Turns out she had been sharing utensils with a cousin previously who was later also diagnosed and it is a super rare way or transmission, but still not a settling feeling when you think about this happening.

20046416_10211910588913836_7293343429553258327_nThis thought aside, when you go into a nail salon you have no idea if the utensils have actually been sanitized properly and astonishingly the standards for sanitation vary from state to state so is it worth the risk? We openly trust people we don’t even know with such a small task that could potentially alter your life. So when one of my good friends invited me to drive over to Idaho for her birthday celebration which involved an entire day of pampering at a spa I was a little worried. I had never been to a spa and honestly had not idea what was going to happen in there nor what to expect, plus I had the thought of that article in my head! I ended up going over anyways and giving it a try. It turned out to be a high end resort and it felt very clean and the staff was professional. It was AMAZING! I had a facial, a deep tissue massage, and a manicure and pedicure done, all while soaking in a natural spring water pool with cocktails in between treatments.

19989576_653173274882355_6900960114262946543_nSo, while this is still comes to mind every time I go to get my nails done, since my amazing experience, I have only gone to high end spas for treatments like facials or waxing. As for nails and hair appointments I just skip the salons that seen “sketchy” to me and I am willing to pay a little more to feel better about the my nail painting experience. Here is an article from Huffington Post that hows you what to look out for when shopping around for a salon. Once I find a good salon I stick with it. I have been going to the same lady to do my hair and nails for a year now and have had no issues, the place is clean and the people are kind; it’s a small boutique salon with only 4 employees and the owner and while a manicure and pedicure costs roughly $80 it’s worth it to me.

So I think it’s okay to go to the spa, relax, get your nails and hair done and even have a mimosa!

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.05.54 PM.png

What are your experiences good/bad at a salon or spa? I’d love to read your comments below! Cheers!


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