What to see in Poland and Prague, Czech Republic


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Go see the winsome views in Prague, Czech Republic

I have always had such a desire to travel; it’s so amazing to be able to go somewhere foreign and experience the culture of another place, the food, the people, the entertainment, the lifestyle of others; fascinating…

I went on a trip to Poland and also Prague, Czech Republic! As someone who is in love with all things history, Poland was on my list of places to go, but what I found was so much more than I could have even asked for! So below you will find a list of places to go and things to do when you visit Poland and Prague, Czech Republic.


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Visit the Old Town where you will see the 14th century fortification walls and beautiful architecture. A lot of which was rebuild after WWII to resemble the old styles.
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While in Warsaw you have to go to the Warsaw Ghetto, it’s creepy, but amazing and you can’t miss out on the historical experience if you’re there!
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Just look around Warsaw and you can still see the reminance of WWII.
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Go visit the largest park in Warsaw, the Lazienki Palace Park which used to be the summer home of Polish Royalty. While some original art pieces and beautiful interior paintings on the ceilings/walls remain, you can also see where the Germans began the deconstruction of it. Also super random, the king who last owned the home loved peacocks and there are still a ton of them wandering around the park!


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The super awesome town of Krakow is full of things to do and see. You can walk around the old town and it actually has a pretty good nightlife.


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There are a lot of beautiful buildings in Krakow. One historical place I would recommend is visiting the factory where Schindler’s List is based off of.
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One evening go and enjoy the the peaceful sounds of the piano at the Chopin Gallery – Cracow Concerts. We not only went to the home of Fryderyk Chopin while in Krakow, but we also went a listened to a young pianist who played his music.
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Take a horse driven carriage tour of Krakow, its a great way to see the town and you won’t regret it!
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The. Best. Gelato. I’ve. Ever. Eaten. So when you visit, be sure to get some, I think I got gelato four different times while I was in Poland haha! Also a really great restaurant in Krakow is the Jama Michalika Restaurants and Art Cafe; it has a great vibe.


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While in Zakopane you can stay at the adorable quaint Hotel Galicja, which is just a short walk from downtown.
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This tiny resort town is nestled in the Tatras Mountains and was protected  from the Germans in WWII due to its location (leaving it untouched). Visit in the summer like me or in the winter as it’s a world class ski destination.
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Why yes, that is a huge plate of meat. It wouldn’t be Poland if you didn’t try the sausage and pirogi varieties. Be careful to pace yourself or you may throw-up (no that it happened to me or anything). Any delightful dish you find at Restauracja Owczarnia will be grilled over an open flames and delicious.
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While devouring all the scrumptious meats you are able, you can enjoy the live music!
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Ride the gondola or hike up the mountain and enjoy a day hike and the beautiful views of the town from above.




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This is worth the extra trip to go see! The Wieliczka Salt Mine… you can take a tour going down into the mine almost 150 meters into the earth! It’s incredible. While the mine is minimally worked in today, there are signs of the miners through history, via carvings in the walls. They used to bring horses down to haul salt out and a bonus is breathing salt purified air is super great for you! You can even buy a salt inhaler and salt scrubs in the gift shop after your tour.  Note: if you get claustrophobic it may not be your thing though.
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When down in the mines it doesn’t even seem like you’re underground at some points, like in this photo, descending the beautiful staircase into a lobby where you can get a snack and enjoy the wall carvings.
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You can attend a concert and enjoy lunch/dinner down in the mine’s concert hall as well.


If you go to Poland, I would highly recommend visiting this place… Auschwitz Concentration Camp. It is surreal and ominous, but worth the visit. You can take a full tour of the camp where you are able to see the barracks, pictures of actual victims, belongings that were confiscated, the rail ways that brought the victims to the camp and of course the gas chambers.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known for it’s wonderful architecture, you need to just walk around and take it all in! Enjoy the views and even if you’re not religious you should check out the gothic cathedrals with their incredible art inside. There are also cool museums like the museum of torture (featuring medieval devices) and the museum of Salvador Dali!

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While in Prague eat at the John Lennon Pub and visit the John Lennon Peace Wall.
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European style breakfast… everywhere we stayed we ate like queens! The hotel breakfasts had everything you could imagine!



While some of these photos are mine, I also got some from my friend who went on the trip as well  -Thanks Melanie! ^_^

Have you been to Poland? If so, where did you go and what did you do?

Have you been to Prague? What were your thoughts on it? What was your favorite thing to do there?

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!


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