How to make positive changes to better yourself and your quality of life in 3 steps.

A photo to remember to love yourself as much as you love a warm drink on a cool day.

I mostly post about my vacations and fun stuff, but I also wanted to talk about serious topics when I created my blog…

So here is one I think is serious, but also helpful for those of you, that are much like myself, who are constantly battling with trying to seek true happiness and not be a debby-downer so that you are able to maintain a good lifestyle and keep the friends you have.

Lets face it, no one likes being around that person who is constantly complaining and whining about how bad their day, life, or last five minutes have been. It is exhausting being that person and it is even worst having to listen to it day after day. So don’t be that person. Here are some steps anyone can talk to better themselves (I am in no way a medical professional btw).

Step one: Be aware of yourself and your present state.

IMG_3854We all have bad days where we want to stay in bed and cuddle with our dogs, that is expectable, but you don’t need to call everyone and their mother to tell them about it. I get it, being able to talk through things is highly helpful, however, you can talk through things without venting at someone else. Maybe start a journal; write it down, get it out of your mind without; it will make you feel so much better. Another great thing is to have that one friend or family member you can rely on to talk to. When you feel down, recognize the thought/feeling, but do not let it control you (harder said than done at times and it takes work don’t give up). Finally, but put your best foot forward, always! So yeah you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re still tired, you forgot to set your coffee maker to auto before bed yesterday and you’re running late and therefore don’t have time to pack lunch…. don’t let that trend continue. Pause for a second (or five minutes if you can spare it) and make an actual effort to think (even say it aloud) the rest of your day will go great.

I did this the other day when I was substitute teaching. I went in and was told to go to the library; turns out the kids were in the classroom, so I had to run all over the school locating the said students. When I finally found them and told them we were in the library for zero period I was sweaty and a bit perturbed. I then proceed to go back to the library and the librarian was a super rude to me because I brought my oatmeal in when ” you aren’t allowed to have food in here.” So I grabbed my oatmeal, took a walk down to the attendance office to turn it in for the period, took some deep breathes, a few bites of my breakfast and committed to not letting my day be ruined by the previous 20 minutes.

Step two: Get out of the environment causing you problems!

IMG_3130.JPGIf you can’t physically leave due to financial reasons, you are afraid to leave, or you have too much invested in your current place, then just get outside into nature. This not only has been proven to help prevent depression, increase your immune system, reduce stress, improve your mood and sleep and a whole host of other issues you may experience, but it will also take out you of the situation which is stressing you the heck out. Don’t believe me, check out these articles (1 and 2) about the benefits of getting outside! I think getting out of the toxic environment which causes you to feel down is key; so much in fact that I not only go outside more, I moved… far far away from the place that I felt so down in. Since moving i have been the happiest I have been in my entire life, plus living in the Rockies, has given me constant beautiful views and with endless opportunities to go on hikes, bike and go on walks, thus making me feel even better.IMG_0142

Step three: seek your own form of help (seriously):

I am all for finding the thing that helps you to process your stress and prevent feeling depressed, anxious, manic or overwhelmed. I am the queen of experimental treatments, I have tried counseling/therapy (three different times) and have thus far found it is not my thing; I would much rather talk to my husband about things. I have tried Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and it made me feel like I was so dumb and my sleeping issues persisted afterwards. I then went on to try hypnotherapy which was helpful actually, but I decided not to do it again. I tried mindfulness classes, but quit due to time commitments stressing me out way more than the class helped. IMG_3857I most recently (on veterans day) I had the opportunity to go try out Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T.) or float therapy, also known as Sensory Deprivation which “is an alternative wellness therapy that helps users unplug, reset and recharge, mind, body and soul” according to the Enlyten Float Center. It was amazing; at one point I wasn’t even sure if my eyes were still open as I was so relaxed. My mind was racing and they say you should recognize the thoughts you have and then go back to focusing on breathing (I’m terrible at doing this). Ultimately this is far too expensive for it to be a long term solution for me. Honestly, hot yoga is the only things I have done that I find myself completely focused and in the moment for the entire time. I went to hot yoga quite a bit last summer and it was so great for my health, but also pricy pricy; who the F has $130 extra a month to spend on solely a hot yoga membership!? So now I take flow yoga classes at my local gym and working out has also helped me cope with depression, anxiety, and persistent sleep issues. My point is that sometimes it takes a while, but eventually you will find that thing that works for you and when you do, stick with it! For me, this was yoga and indoor/outdoor exercise!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.18.45 PM.png
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Also read, a book that I found super helpful in my journey was a book by Jen Sincero (this was not a plug, I just really love her work and have found it super helpful btw) lol.

So find what works for you and get to work!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear from you! What has helped you in your happiness/mental health journey? Please comment below and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!


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