Great Hikes in Arizona

Heading to Arizona? Here are the hikes you should check out!

Welcome to the Phoenix, Arizona! Head over to the Scottsdale area and hike up Camelback Mountain. It’s a super fun 2.4 out and back hike; it’s easy at first, but can get a little challenging near the top.
This photo and the next show you how beautiful the West Fork hike is in Oak Creek Canyon, just outside of Sedona, Arizona.
While this hike is amazing and rated as one of the best in the area keep in mind despite it being on National Forest land (which has a slogan “it’s all yours”) you’ll have to pay $10 to park/get in or $2 per person if you park on the road and walk in.
While you’re in Sedona hike the Templeton loop trail it’s beautiful! To find the trailhead you’ll actually have to drive down Back O’Beyond Road.
Looking for more of a challenge? At the same trailhead at the pervious picture –  hike to the top of Cathedral Peak! The views are amazing!
Flagstaff, Arizona has some great hikes as well. This high desert mountain town has trails galore and for all abilities! The Campbell-Mesa hike is flat, but has great views of the San Francisco Peak.
Hike (or rent a bike) and go around Buffalo Park in Flagstaff if you’re looking for am easy, but fun way to see the area and get some exercise.
grand canyon
Well of course you have to go to the Grand Canyon! There are plenty of hikes like the famous Bright Angel, but you can also choose to just hike around the rim trail which is many miles long and features beauty as far as the eyes can see views.
After hiking all over Arizona you can look back at all the great memories you’ve made!

Just a side note... hiking is good for your mind, body and soul

Thanks for reading!

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