Life as a Substitute Teacher

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Where I live full-time teaching jobs are hard to come by. I graduated last year with my masters degree in education, and low and behold there were and still are no secondary history/government teaching jobs available within an hour in any direction  from my house. So I have tuned to substitute teaching making very little per hour with no benefits all to gain experience and keep my face fresh in the admins’ mind so when a job does open here (in a few years) I will be able to apply and hopefully get it. I was super excited and eager to get started and have been subbing for about a year now. The routine is pretty much the same unless I get lucky enough to get a class of students I already know. Luckily I am not in the journey alone either, I have several friend who also sub as they couldn’t find full-time positions here either. I know what you’re thinking… why don’t you just move, great questions. Well for one, have you ever been to Western Montana?! it’s unbelievable beautiful and Missoula, Montana has a sense of community unlike I have ever seen; simply put, I love it here, I am just minutes away from about 20 or more beautiful hikes and want to raise a family here. Secondly, my husband has a solid job here so we can’t just pick up and leave. so here is a break down of the sub life for ya!

Yeah… I actually live in a place where people globally travel to see.

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8 of the best podcasts you should be listening to!

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5.17.40 PMWho doesn’t like zoning out and listening to a great Podcast? I for one, listen to a ton of them. I listen to podcasts a lot of the time on my daily commute, while walking my dog, on my days off while I clean the house up and do laundry and while I grocery shop. So here’s a list of the best podcasts that I believe you should start listening to. Continue reading “8 of the best podcasts you should be listening to!”


How to make positive changes to better yourself and your quality of life in 3 steps.

A photo to remember to love yourself as much as you love a warm drink on a cool day.

I mostly post about my vacations and fun stuff, but I also wanted to talk about serious topics when I created my blog. So here is one I think is serious, but also helpful for those of you, that are much like myself, who are constantly battling with trying to seek true happiness and not be a debby-downer so that you are able to maintain a good lifestyle and keep the friends you have.

Lets face it, no one likes being around that person who is constantly complaining and whining about how bad their day, life, or last five minutes have been. It is exhausting being that person and it is even worst having to listen to it day after day. So don’t be that person. Here are some steps anyone can talk to better themselves (I am in no way a medical professional btw). Continue reading “How to make positive changes to better yourself and your quality of life in 3 steps.”


Why I love John Green and his books

John Green reading an excerpt from his new book in Missoula, MT… also I want to note that I love the fact that Snapchat had a filter for the Turtles All the Way Down tour!

John Green is a brilliant author and vlogger. Going to see John Green on Oct 27th was incredible! My hopes were high beforehand, as I simply love his books and as a history/government teacher I love his educational videos too, but I was in awe. So, I asked my husband to buy tickets for my birthday; he was more than happy too, even knowing that it inevitably meant he was going to have to go too despite never having read one of his books (he’s a keeper). When we showed up I wasn’t sure to expect, a book reading? We knew we were receiving a signed copy of his new book Turtles All the Way Down, so was it a signing too? It was not either, though he did begin with reading a few pages from the book. He and his brother Hank then went on to toy with our emotions, laughing followed by choking up, followed by more laughing. The ambience John Green created for his audience is exactly why I love his books. Continue reading “Why I love John Green and his books”


5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

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This past summer I got married! Quite honestly it was perfect and like most people, there were a few hiccups, but it ended magically. When I first became engaged after 4 years of dating I wasn’t sure if I wanted a large or small wedding. So here was my thought process and what I believe to be the most important things you should consider when planning your wedding.

1. The Budget