What you should plan to see on your Western U.S. Road Trip


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 2.07.02 PMDo you like road trips?! I love them, though I don’t go on them as often as I’d like. I think once we start to grow our family past the two of us and our dog we may take more road trips as flying can get pricy for a whole family (even with travel rewards). So I planned out this road trip for my husband and I to go on. This trip would be 2 weeks or more depending on how long you want to stay in each place! So here are places to go and things to do on your western United States road trip. Continue reading “What you should plan to see on your Western U.S. Road Trip”


Why I love John Green and his books

John Green reading an excerpt from his new book in Missoula, MT… also I want to note that I love the fact that Snapchat had a filter for the Turtles All the Way Down tour!

John Green is a brilliant author and vlogger. Going to see John Green on Oct 27th was incredible! My hopes were high beforehand, as I simply love his books and as a history/government teacher I love his educational videos too, but I was in awe. So, I asked my husband to buy tickets for my birthday; he was more than happy too, even knowing that it inevitably meant he was going to have to go too despite never having read one of his books (he’s a keeper). When we showed up I wasn’t sure to expect, a book reading? We knew we were receiving a signed copy of his new book Turtles All the Way Down, so was it a signing too? It was not either, though he did begin with reading a few pages from the book. He and his brother Hank then went on to toy with our emotions, laughing followed by choking up, followed by more laughing. The ambience John Green created for his audience is exactly why I love his books. Continue reading “Why I love John Green and his books”


What to see in Poland and Prague, Czech Republic


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Go see the winsome views in Prague, Czech Republic

I have always had such a desire to travel; it’s so amazing to be able to go somewhere foreign and experience the culture of another place, the food, the people, the entertainment, the lifestyle of others; fascinating. I went on a trip to Poland and also Prague, Czech Republic! As someone who is in love with all things history, Poland was on my list of places to go, but what I found was so much more than I could have even asked for! So below you will find a list of places to go and things to do when you visit Poland and Prague, Czech Republic.

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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

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This past summer I got married! Quite honestly it was perfect and like most people, there were a few hiccups, but it ended magically. When I first became engaged after 4 years of dating I wasn’t sure if I wanted a large or small wedding. So here was my thought process and what I believe to be the most important things you should consider when planning your wedding.

1. The Budget


The Perfect 7 day Portugal Trip


Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.20.31 PM.pngI love traveling to Europe! While I have not visited every country (yet) one of my favorite places is Portugal. The people are kind, the beaches are beautiful and the historical architecture is amazing! We also took a day trip into Seville, Spain which I would HIGHLY recommend!

So here are some pictures from our trip as well as the itinerary! We were in Portugal for 8 days in August, so the weather was warm and sunny the whole time.

Day 1: Lisbon (two nights)

We arrived in Lisbon in the evening on day 1 so we decided it was best to take it easy as it was a long tiring flight; we explored the area around our hotel and got a taste of the local cuisine to enjoy the night.

Day 2: trip to Sintra

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 1.21.54 PM
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The next day we hopped onto a train for a day trip to Sintra, it’s only about 30 minutes away from the capital and IT IS GORGEOUS! Sintra is a quaint little town just north of Lisbon nestled in the foothills of the Sintra Mountains with narrow roads and history all over. We hiked up to the Castle of the Moors (though you can grab a cab or take an official tour of the area which includes transportation); the walk up was a little scary as there are no sidewalks and cars/mopeds fly by you, but we weren’t the only ones doing it. In addition, we went to the Pena National Palace, both were beautiful and I’d highly recommend visiting both locations. We had lunch at a local hole in the wall restaurant where we sat outside and enjoyed the wonderful people watching.

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How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

So I have been blessed with great opportunities to travel in the last six years and I am planning my next trip right now! I don’t think it matters where you intend to go, there are a few tips that you should consider when planning a trip to ensure you are not only prepared for the good, the bad, and the ugly, but that you also have a great time.

Do your research

IMG_0270Currently I am trying to plan a vacation. I don’t even know where we want to go exactly; we are stuck between wanting a relaxing beach vacation and wanting a crazy backpacking trip; the best part is that I am able to plan for a beach trip, plan for a backpacking trip, and to plan for both in the same trip. I look up other experiences people have had in the areas I want to go. For example, I am looking at Vietnam so I wanted to make sure I have the proper travel requirements; to go to Vietnam you need a passport and a pre-approved travel visa before you can enter the country. In addition, by doing the work ahead of time you can save time and issues in the long run. This includes figuring out what places to avoid and the best ones to go to, cab companies to trust (and which ones not to), best places to stay, eat, day trips, you name it. In addition I look at how to get to and from the airport as well as what is the best way to get around the area, i.e. walking, biking, cab, public transportation, etc.

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Why I was Skeptical About Going to the Spa


However, a few years ago I read this article on Yahoo that totally freaked me out! I guess I’m not your average 27 year old gal, before 2016 I had never been to a nail salon, treated to a “girls spa day,” nor had I ever gotten a sweetish, hot rock, mud, make you skinny with seaweed massage. So when I read this story I thought I would NEVER go into a spa/salon (aside from hair cuts, I can’t do that myself!). So heres what happened, a 22 year old woman contracted HIV when she had her nails done from the use of shared manicure utensils. She went in for a manicure and came out with HIV/AIDS! How crazy is that?! Turns out she had been sharing utensils with a cousin previously who was later also diagnosed and it is a super rare way or transmission, but still not a settling feeling when you think about this happening.

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Why I created this blog

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.14.29 PMI am a woman who wears many hats and always have been. Last year when I graduated with my masters degree in education and I quickly found that I was not going to gain employment teaching middle or high school history in my area; jobs are far and few between, and moving is off the table as we love living in Montana and the lifestyle we are afforded to by living in the rockies.

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