The best slow cooker beef roast ever!

If you’re anything like me, you are a busy person! Juggling life can be challenging enough, and now you’re telling me I need to cook a good, nutrition, hearty, hot meal after a long day at work when all I want to do it veg out on the couch and watch whatever comedy catches my eye on Netflix?! Well, I decided crockpot/slow cooker meals were going to be my thing come winter. So here I am, it’s dark when I wake up and go to the gym and it’s dark when I get home from work, so crockpot season has begun! Below you will find a recipe for slow cooker Beef Roast that I have pieced together from other recipes I have tried in the past (mostly from all recipes thats my go to), and I have found that this mix creates perfection as far as roasts go. Enjoy! =) Continue reading “The best slow cooker beef roast ever!”